Gilbert Arenas hit another slam dunk in the courtroom, winning a reduction in his child support payments to his ex, Laura Govan.

According to TMZ Sports, sources say Arenas’ child support checks to Govan will now be under $10,000 a month, a huge drop from around the $40,000 he claimed he was paying before.

Arenas recently said he’s not as rich as everyone thinks since his infamous contract with the Washington Wizards is finally up, but after that he recorded hilarious snaps with his kids, showing off the thousands of hidden dollars Laura wouldn’t get.

In true No Chill Gil form, he took to Instagram to celebrate his big win in court and to troll Laura.  Sources close to Govan say she has no idea why he continues to insult and torment her since she’s not doing it to him.  All she reportedly wants now is for him to leave her alone.

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