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Tonight’s game between the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Clippers just got much more interesting. Despite DeAndre Jordan being an All-NBA first team selection last season, Hassan Whiteside doesn’t respect his game very much. In fact, he absolutely hates when anyone mentions both of them in the same sentence.


“No,” Whiteside told the Miami Herald on Thursday when asked about Jordan and whether their games are similar. “He catches lobs. I shoot jumpers, catch lobs, block shots. I do a lot. He just catches lobs.”

Whiteside is definitely feeling himself this season after signing a four year/$98 million dollar extension during the summer. He is averaging 17.6 points, 14.7 rebounds and 2.3 blocks. Jordan checks in at 11.7 points, 12.6 rebounds and 1.8 blocks.

While Whiteside has a point about DeAndre’s offensive game, he does much more than that on the court. His presence alone makes players think twice about how to attack the rim and his one on one defense against other big men is second to none. He seems to think DeAndre only exists because he plays with an elite point guard in Chris Paul.

“[Jordan’s] got CP3 as a point guard — a great North Carolina point guard, I’d like to add,” Whiteside told the Miami Herald.

Whiteside really needs to pump his breaks talking disrespectful about any player. He hasn’t done a single thing in the NBA himself for him to think so highly of his own game. All his improvement personally hasn’t meant a thing to the Heat, who are 9-17 and in last place in their division.