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The money truck is going be backing up to Steph Curry’s house this summer in a way that no NBA player has ever seen before. If you thought that this past summer was crazy in NBA free agency, just wait until next summer. That’s thanks to the new collective bargaining agreement, which will allow more spending, more players on rosters and will give a serious home court advantage to teams trying to resign their own players.


Steph Curry has been playing at an MVP level for the past few seasons at a bargain price, making around $12 million dollars for this season. To put that into context, Steph makes about $18 million dollars less this season than Grizzlies point guard, Mike Conley and makes basically the same as Tyler Johnson of the Miami Heat. Don’t worry if you said “who”? at the mention of Johnson, that’s my point.

However the time has come for the Warriors to pay up and they are going to have to pay up big time. Curry will be eligible for a five-year deal worth about $207 million in July with the Warriors, or a four-year deal worth about $135 million with anybody else under the new collective bargaining agreement.

Seeing as how there is no way in hell that the Warriors will let Steph go anywhere, they won’t hesitate to offer the full max, which is something he deserves for playing way below his value and not complaining the past few seasons.

Things get sketchy however for the summer of 2018 when the Warriors will have to pay Kevin Durant again, just one year after giving Steph the likely biggest deal in NBA history. It will be interesting to see how KD and the team handle that, as well as keeping in mind that eventually there will need to be money for Klay and Draymond when their current long term deals are up.

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