35 NY gangsters were arrested of fraudulent credit card charges. The gang used their own equipment to print out fake credit cards The 35 people, which were men and women, were charged in 15 indictments with narcotics distribution, weapons possession and identity theft.

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Commissioner James O’Neill says,

“To those who are from Brownsville, this is the end of Hoodstarz violence,”

Acting District Attorney Eric Gonzalez spoke in a press conference saying,

“we believe this credit card information was obtained on the dark web where hackers can post this financial information for sale.”

These gangsters are sub-sets of Crips. They obtained the credit card information through the internet. Stolen card information can be found within the matter if two minuets through hackers. This is crazy! One of the men bought a load if American Girl dolls. This is super crazy. Makes you suspicious of any online purchases.

Source: WSHH