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The Oklahoma Sooners are getting ready for the Sugar Bowl in a couple weeks but star running back, Joe Mixon, is going to have plenty of distractions. That’s because footage of Mixon punching and knocking a woman unconscious was just released today and it’s brutal.


The incident happened back in 2014 when Mixon unloaded on Amelia Molitor, knocking her out inside of a restaurant near campus.

Mixon was charged with misdemeanor assault for the attack, and entered a plea … admitting there was enough evidence to convict him. He got 1 year probation, 100 hours of community service and behavioral counseling.

At the time, police allowed some media members to see the video but it was never made public until now. Oklahoma’s Supreme Court ruled that video had to be released and Mixon’s legal team got in front of the story and released it themselves to get it over with.

Mixon was suspended for the 2014 because of the incident but played the past two season and is currently an NFL prospect that multiple teams have interest in.

The University just released a statement saying “Mr. Mixon has apologized for his actions and the university hopes that it is an indication that he has learned from his mistakes.”

There could be more red flags surrounding him in the eyes of NFL scouts. Besides the incident in question, Mixon was also suspended one game this season when he verbally abused a female campus parking attendant who was trying to write him a ticket for being illegally parked.