Via Youtube

Via Youtube

People will literally do anything for the internet. Brave Wilderness host Coyote Peterson thought it would be cool to get bit by a bullet ant. The people of Costa Rica calls the ant “bala” which means “bullet” in Spanish. Apparently the ant’s pinch hurts so bad “that it feels as if one has been shot with a gun.”

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In a 18-minute-video, we see Peterson and his crew searching around the rainforest for the Bala. Peterson had recently survived 60 stings from harvester ants and sustained permanent scarring from fire and velvet ants. He even took a painful sting from a tarantula hawk which was wasn’t half as bad as what he was about to feel. Once he found the ant, he placed it on his skin and kept it there. I’m not sure what he was possibly getting out of this but I’m not with it. In the video Peterson can be heard saying,

“It’s stuck in my arm! It’s stuck in my arm. Oh my gosh,”

He went on to say,

“At the moment, I am experiencing, hot radiating waves of pain. It feels as if some one has stabbed me with a hot poker, and I can actually feel the venom. It’s throbbing. This is getting worse; it’s bad.”

Check out the full encounter below.

Source: Complex