Rozay picks up a W in court after a rapper tried suing him over the use of the word “mastermind” as his album title.

Frankie Zing

Ross’ sixth studio album that came out in early 2014, Mastermind, was tried in court, but ultimately The United States District Court for the Central District of California disagreed with the plaintiff trying to get some money out of Ross and ruled in favor of him and his label Universal Music Group. The rapper tried to sue Ross for using the same album title as him.

Ross’ attorney Leron E. Rogers said after the court decision was made:

“When claims are made against our clients, we litigate them very aggressively. We are happy that the court not only ruled in Ross and Universal’s favor, but also took the extra step to cancel Plaintiff’s trademark.”

Ross is now free to work on his ninth album, Rather You Than Me.