Via Twitter

Via Twitter

23-year-old vlogger, Adam Saleh took to social media to share a incident that took place while on Delta airlines. Saleh says that he and another passenger, Slim Albaher, were kicked off his Delta flight “for speaking Arabic to my mom on a plane.” Delta is investigating the incident now after the video has gotten a ton of views and backlash.

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The video has been retweeted nearly 250,000 times and counting on Twitter. In the video Saleh says,

“I can not believe my eyes. I can not believe it. We spoke a different language on a plane, and now we’re getting kicked out.”

In the video other passengers can be see waving and saying “See ya!” which was the most shocking part to me. Saleh continues to say,

“That’s insane. This is 2016. 2016. I spoke a word — a different language — and you feel uncomfortable. I’m about to cry right now. Seriously.”

He then took to Twitter to say,

UPDATE: were taking off right now and heading to our lawyer once in NYC. Any inquiries email: [email protected]

Alot of people are not taking to this due to the fact that Saleh has a history of doing Youtube pranks on planes. He also has pulled many fake stunts before which people have called him out for. In his defense, Delta does have a history of discrimination. People are now saying they plan to boycott the airlines.

Source: Complex