Troy Ave reportedly still has one bullet lodged in his head and another in his back after being shot in Brooklyn on Christmas. He was cleared to leave the hospital Monday according to his lawyer John Stella.

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After being shot, Troy attempted to drive to the sopital but ended up catching a ride with someone else who escorted he and his girlfriend to the nearest emergency room. Troy’s girlfriend took to Facebook to write,

“DIVINE ORDER. My God is real. We were covered,”

His lawyer says,

“They are discharging him. He is very sore. The doctors told the family that he came dangerously close to having a spinal cord injury — but it looks like there’s no lasting damage from the wound track.”

We earlier reported that 50 Cent made it to see Troy after the shooting. Our prayers still go up to Troy. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Source: NyDailyNews