Via Youtube

Via Youtube

Yo Gotti has recently released his new biography entitled “Before the Nine.” In this episode, he speaks on his childhood and how his family turned him into the man that he is today.

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In the video, Gotti says,

“Everybody was big time drug dealers. My daddy was a big time drug dealer. My momma a big time drug dealer, her boyfriend. I think my upbringing set the tone for exactly who I am. I was raised by hustlers.”

We also get to hear from his A&R who says Gotti has always been one to keep things real and speak about real things. He says he always told Gotti there is nothing wrong with speaking on other things besides flipping bricks but still keeping it real. He says Gotti’s biggest record was “Down in the DM,” which we all know. Gotti got in the studio with producer Ben Billions and made it happen.

Gotti says he went from hustling, robbing, and stealing to changing lives. He says he has gotten a chance to take people out of the hood and change their lives around.

Check out the full documentary trailer below.

Source: Complex