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Katt Williams had quite a busy 2016 for all the wrong reasons. Now he finishes out the year with getting some probation time for assaulting a restaurant employee in July.

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So far the comedian has been banned from two counties in Georgia and sentenced to five years of probation ffrom the assault case involving his body guard, in September he was arrested for criminal property damage in relation to an incident that happened in February, he got into a brawl with a teenage boy and also was involved in another brawl onstage at a Beanie Sigel concert. He also got in trouble in the summer when he threw a salt shaker at a restaurant manager.

Well yesterday in LA, Williams was sentenced to three years probation for ANOTHER incident, back in July, when he punched a woman at a restaurant for allegedly disrespecting him. Katt pled no contest to the assault and battery charges and paid a $390 fine to avoid a three-day stint in jail, according to TMZ.

With his probation underway, the comedian still currently faces charges for robbery, for an incident involving himself, Suge Knight and a celebrity photographer.