Photo Credit: Instagram / @NickiMinaj

Photo Credit: Instagram / @NickiMinaj

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have been hit with numerous breakup rumors throughout the course of their two-year long relationship, but this one seems to have some strength to it.

TMZ reports the pair spent both Christmas and New Year’s Eve apart…despite the fact they were only TWO MILES from each other for the latter!

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Nicki performed at E11even nightclub in Miami for NYE, and then stayed to party. Meanwhile, Meek was nearby at Dream. Nicki showed up to her club at 11:30pm…but Meek didn’t show up at his until 2:40am! That means he certainly could have rang in the new year with his boo and had his midnight kiss, but he clearly opted not to.

He also spent the night prior in NYC sans Nicki, and the night after NYE in Miami sans Nick as well.

Holidays are a big deal, guys. Could this mean something?