Photo Credit: Instagram / @KylieJenner

Photo Credit: Instagram / @KylieJenner

Kylie Jenner’s going to have to have a serious talk with her team. I mean, she’s paying them and working with them on projects…and they can’t even get her birthday right. On her own calendar!

Copies of Kylie’s sexy 2017 calendar began going out late last month, and while they have the birthday MONTH right (with a corresponding cake-filled photo), they’re off on the actual date by a cool ten days. Her birthday is listed as August 20, when in fact, it’s August 10. Uh, that’s kind of a HUGE mishap when it’s your own project, especially one that’s about days of the year.

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This hasn’t been the only issue for Kylie in 2017 either, and we’re only four days in. Yesterday, the 19-year-old took to Twitter to announce she’d no longer be personally posting on her app anymore, as someone from her team posted a “quote” from Kylie that she says she not only never approved, but never even said.

It may be time to re-evaluate who she has on her payroll…

Apparently this may be the app post #KylieJenner was referring to ? (view previous post)

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