A 15-year-old high school student now has a concussion after being slammed to the ground by a male officer. The incident took place at Rolesville High School in Rolesville, North Carolina. The students uploaded the video to social media. Officer Ruben De Los Santos can be seen in the video picking up Jasmine Darwin and throwing her to the ground. The video does not show what initially made this officer do this but we do see a fight between two girls which may have something to do with the slamming.

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The officer has now been placed on administrative leave. Darwin’s mother, Desiree Harrison says,

“When I’m looking at this video, I’m like ‘Oh, my god, this cannot be happening to my child,’ because I was just up at the school and they didn’t even tell me what happened to her,”

Darwin says,

“Every time I look at it, it’s embarrassing. I didn’t even realize it happened. Like, I was in shock.”​

Aisha Nasser witnessed the whole thing and said the officer did not mean to hurt the girl. In fact, she called him, “one of the kindest officers” she’s ever come across. She said,

“Seeing the whole situation first hand it was out of control and he was just trying to gain control of the situation and I know it wasn’t his intention to hurt that girl,”

Rolesville High School principal Dhedra Lassiter released a statement on the incident saying,

“The safety of our students is always our first priority. Our school district works with many dedicated officers who protect our students. It is vital that our children have a positive relationship with these law enforcement officials. Those relationships are built on mutual respect. I understand this incident brings up questions and conversations about the manner in which we keep students and staff safe in our schools. We will continue to be in conversation as we learn additional information.”