One officer was not beat for the shenanigans as she went toe to toe with a teen while trying to break up a brawl. Philadelphia police are now investigating the incident as video footage has now gone viral. In the video, we can see the girl who is reportedly 16-years-old backing up from the fight which is when she and the officer exchanged words. The officer and the girl then proceeded to argue until hands were thrown.

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The officer restrained the teen to the ground and then began to hit her. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said,

“One of the things that did not get captured on the video that the young lady admitted to in her interview is that she actually smacked the officer in the face, knocking her glasses off her face. It’s not some neat and clean situation when you’ve got people jumping off of cars and obviously tempers already flaring. At that point we arrive. It’s not about us, but it’s not like the temperature goes down instantly and that’s probably what happened. The young lady was probably very angry.”

He went on to say,

“There’s not a whole lot of discrepancy between the two stories. It just doesn’t happen that often like that.”

The teen has now been charged with assault on police and disorderly conduct and the officer has now been removed from the streets.

Source: Complex || Fox