photo credit: IFWT IG

So when Chris Brown and Soulja Boy started talking about boxing their problems out, it was said by both guys that Adrien Broner would be promoting the fight and making everything happen. It didn’t take too long for Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent to jump in the mix as well and also claim that they are going to be the ones promoting the fight.


It’s been confusing the past couple days with Floyd, 50 and Broner all posting on social media about promoting the fight, with Broner even giving a date of January 28th.

Now Broner is still supposed to train Chris Brown for the fight but Floyd explained last night when it comes to actually promoting the event, Broner won’t be part of it.

As you heard Floyd say, he isn’t trying to strong arm the fight away from Broner, he just feels that AB has much more to focus on at the moment. There is no doubt that some money would be made if this fight really happens, so we shall see if Broner just let’s it go but at this point it’s looking like a Mayweather promotions type of night.