Photo Credit: MGN online

Photo Credit: MGN online

The Chicago Cubs have officially scheduled their White House visit after winning the World Series, and it’s going down just in time to meet with President Barack Obama instead of president-elect Donald Trump.

A team official confirmed to TMZ Sports that the World Series champs will touchdown at the White House January 16, four days before Trump takes over on the 20th.  They will be the last professional team to visit during Obama’s term.

Obama is a Chicago native, but that’s not the only reason the Cubs would prefer to meet with him.  The Ricketts family, who owns the Cubs, has had issues with Trump in the past.  In fact, Trump tweeted one of his many Twitter threats towards them.

The Ricketts family has said Trump is wrong about hidden dirt.

It’s unclear if the beef had anything to do with the timing of the White House visit, but it certainly could play a part.  Many sports pundits and athletes themselves have said they do not want to visit the White House when Trump takes over.

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