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Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics was riding a high last night after hitting the game winning shot to help defeat the Atlanta Hawks by a score of 103-101. Soon as the game was over however, he had to deal with accusations from Dennis Schroder that he had disrespected his mother by cursing at her. Thomas completely denies that ever happened.


Schroder and Thomas already have a history that goes back to the playoffs last year. Both players received technical fouls in game three of the playoff series between the Hawks & Celtics after Thomas essentially smacked Schroder in the head, to which he responded by knocking Thomas down to the floor the next time back down the court.

Last night was the first time the players met since that playoff series and Thomas clearly didn’t forget their issues. He repeatedly kept yelling to the Atlanta crowd that Schroder “ain’t nothing”.

After the game he continued talking about Schroder, saying “Every time I step on the floor I want to win the battle. He’s not somebody I’m worried about. I’m worried about doing what’s best for my team and getting my team a win. I’ll worry about the rest later.”

It was also after that game that Schroder let people know that Thomas cursed at his mother. “I’m playing basketball,” Schroder said afterward. “If he think that he got to curse at my mom or say some dumb stuff about my family, that has nothing to do with basketball. That’s his choice. I’ve got too much class for that. Next one, we are going to get it.”

Thomas adamantly denied ever disrespecting anyone like that.

Schroder never elaborated on what exactly happened to lead him to believe that Thomas talked to his mother like that but nonetheless it’s clear these guys are not fans of each other.

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