image via: youtube

New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio sent drywall, plaster and a trowel to Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt to repair the damage that was caused to the wall near the locker room courtesy of Odell Beckham Jr.


De Blasio was going to have to send a care package to Schmitt regardless, since the two mayors had a friendly bet on the game. Besides sending cheesecake and bagels to Schmitt, de Blasio decided to add the supplies to fix the wall after hearing what happened. Had the Giants won, it would have been Schmitt sending Titletown root beer, cheese curds and brats.

It was Beckham who let his emotions get the best of him after the loss, which led to him banging his head on the wall multiple times before punching a hole in it. He still has not spoken with the media since the incident.

Obviously the supplies to fix the wall are just a sign of good faith on the part of de Blasio because it’s not like there is a shortage of sheet rock in Wisconsin. Hopefully for Giants fans, the next season can have a better ending in the playoffs that won’t lead to any players attacking walls.