#Freestyle035 That’s right, 3 in one week, BARS are officially back baby!! NYC, more specifically, QUEENS, this one is for you!! With a Legendary figure in his life, Mone Corleone, previously known as Vic Dimone, came through with BARS that made Queens pretty proud!!

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Southside in the building, Slow from SlowBucks there to support, along with his Father Grandmaster Vic, one of the originators in the mixtape game;

But More was so excited for the opportunity, it was like he was the only one in the room, shining! So I don’t have a ton of back story since it was recorded to same night as Bleek/Manolo, & Cassidy, but I can explain the energy exuded from excitement, and the well laid plans he had for how his beat structure was going to go! Ok so when he touched down, he wanted 2 beats, but not back to back but together, and he was going to have his Dad mix it together, it was a pretty good plan, but unfortunately we have rules in place to make sure everything stays as even across the board as possible! With that being said, he killed it anyway, check it out;

Everyone can’t come up, but those that do, got BARS!!!!!