#Freestyle036 Every week, it happens, no if’s, and’s or but’s…. BUT today we have an extra treat for you, fresh back on US ground, only other show he touched down on was “On The Reggae Tip w/ Massive B”, which is Bobby Konders & Jabba, that was the authentic interview, and this is the real Freestyle!!

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This is another week we have 2 artists back to back, it’s just this is the first Artist, with the 2nd artist to drop Monday at 11a(follow me on IG/TW/SC and I may give you a hint!), and although it’s a bit diff with the reggae, it’s still LIT AF!!! #FreshFromYard So I had just pulled up and was getting my bag out of the trunk when the black SUV pulled up and the Homie CL from Digiwaxx jumps out! We dap up then he introduces me to Busy Signal, we talk for a sec then go up to where we record! I get them situated, go back down to get Funk, see I got a ticket ?, we go up, and make it happen;

It may not be what we’ve been doing but you can’t tell me this wasn’t fuc*ing LIT!!!