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When you’re a high profile athlete in the social media age, basically everything you do is in the public eye whether you like it or not. Most players learn to deal with it and enjoy the limelight that comes with the attention, while others handle it by living a more low-key life away from the game.


With Steph Curry’s ascension to stardom over the past few years, it not only put him under a different public eye but also did the same for his family. We have all gotten to know his lovely wife, Ayesha, as well as their amazing oldest daughter Riley, who captured hearts during post game press conferences in the playoffs a couple years ago. Since then, the couple has added another daughter, Ryan and their public profile has only become bigger with Ayesha becoming a celebrity in her own right.

For the most part, the couple seems to enjoy life just fine with things the way they are and the constant attention but it seems to grow on Steph at times.

Despite everything he does already constantly being shared on social media, Steph took exception to a tweet from an ESPN account that shared a snapchat video from Ayesha, showing Riley playing “We Dem Boyz” on her xylophone.

It is somewhat strange that he would take exception to them sharing that when he has never had an issue with Riley being all over social media or television before. Still, even with the celebrity side of things, it’s human nature to wish certain things weren’t always noteworthy, especially little moments within the family.

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