T.I. is not here for a male fan grabbing his rear end while at a concert. In a video, we see T.I. rocking on stage with his fan when one male had other intentions as he takes a grab at T.I.’s butt. The Atlanta rapper are furious as he went all the way off. Rightfully so, we all know T.I. doest roll like that so that was to be expected.

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T.I. stopped in the middle of performing and went ham on the fan, without the mic even being to his lips. He told the man he would “f*ck him up” in there which is when security is seen coming to T.I’s rescue. The fan looks to be pleading with the rapper but we cant really hear what he is saying. T.I. then switched gears and announced on the mic if the man did that again he would be getting a huge beat down.

Check out the encounter below.

Source: WSHH