#Freestyle037 And another one! Yes last week we shot 2, first was Busy Signal, 1st time in 15yrs, and he killed it if you ask me, but we also had to get some Straight bars in as well, It’s the Cons!!!!

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I’ve been helping to put this play together for a while and happy it finally came into fruition, Consequence fresh off the ATCQ album, as well as getting in the studio for his own album getting ready to drop, and from what I understand, a good bit of feature’s from people we know you love so be ready for that! So Although last week we had Busy Signal, we also got the Homie Cons to come thru and drop these BARS for you, a little treat;

Cons dropped bars B, I fix with the Queens homie for real tho, legendary status, up there with all my BK Homie’s. but of course Pap came thru and dropped my name, that takes talent to drop my name in a Freestyle!!