#Freestyle038 AS we always say, each and every week there’s someone that has a very particular set of skills, Skills required over hard work and determined mind set….Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you…If you’re a mumble rapper ?.

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Ok This one was very interesting to me, but nonetheless VERY DOPE, I never met her, but was very Happy to finally do so, Lady Luck was in the building! Now I’m gonna keep it 100, because I always do in these posts, I always thought she was slightly tomboyish, nothing to do with her sexuality, but her actions, and I did see that up close, but up close she was def fine AF, and I know she’s with Somaya Reese, and she was fine too, but I’m a new fan of the Lady Luck look!! Ok let’s keep it funky, Luck ALWAY had BARS, so her coming up was a necessity, and everyone can’t come up.
On my way down to the spot, I get the call from Flex, He tells me to hit Leland from the Robinson Family, the one’s that started Sugar Hill Records, the “First Family Of Hip Hop”, yes the same one from the TV show. As I pull up before I could call Leland, I recognize Luck go to the truck that just pulled in front of me, as I Introduced myself and we went up stairs all together. We get upstairs and Luck asked me if ‘it was too many ladies’, and I said ‘I love women, it could never be too many!’ I proceeded to get things set up, then I invite Luck in to get the levels right, just as I do, Flex tells me he’s downstairs, so I go get him! As I’m getting him in, the other Artists we invited down shows up, but that will be tomorrow’s story ?. So we get up stairs and Luck tells me she got a better version of the beat, I gave her me email, as Flex and Leland are catching up, we get the beat right, and then this happens;

I do wish the beat didn’t cut off, or she didn’t stop cause she was Def killing it!! I’m not even gonna front, because she gave me some individual attention, make sure I’m following her, and giving me a friendly body bump…. I know she’s with Somaya, like that’s her Boo, but just know, I’m looking at her diff…. ?