Khaled making major moves again. This time he links with the tv show ‘The Voice’ to be alongside Alicia Keys.

Frankie Zing

The King of Snapchat is taking on a role to make The Voice already bigger than it is and will willingly guide Alicia to success in her position. Khaled had this to say when he received the news it was official:

“We gotta put it out there. We’re gonna do it. We’re gonna work hard. We’re gonna make it happen.”

Keys even commented back herself:

“I feel like it’s so incredible to have the diversity that I’m able to bring to the show, especially through Khaled … I feel like there’s so many ways to look at music, there’s so many ways to create. It’s not just about being a great performer, it’s about being a personality, for the energy that you bring to come out. I think that is what Khaled does very naturally.”

Honestly, I just want these two to make a song together. Let’s go!!