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After Charles Barkley called him “whiny,” LeBron James fired back, calling the NBA analyst a “hater” and dug up his past history which includes a gambling problem, violence, drinking, and partying.  When asked about James’ response, Chuck says he stands by his criticism of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star.

“I stick by what I said, I’m not going to make this personal. … He was all whiny last week,” Barkley said on the Waddle & Silvy show on ESPN Radio on Tuesday. “… I’m good and I’m straightforward, I’m never going to get personal on an NBA player.”

“I was laughing, clearly he did some homework … he Googled me and found some things,” Barkley said. “He was young when I was playing, so I appreciate that, but I’m not upset about it. … My criticism was fair, and I’m good with that.”

Despite drawing the ire of one of the biggest names in the sport, Barkley said he doesn’t plan to rein in his opinions.

“Some of the stuff he said about me is correct — doesn’t make the message I said about him incorrect,” Barkley said. “Some of them are intimidated about LeBron, [but] I’m not intimidated at all.”

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source: ESPN