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Hip-Hop legend and entrepreneur Diddy underwent knee surgery yesterday and seems to be recovering well as he’s in good spirits today.

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This was Diddy’s 3rd (and hopefully final) knee surgery within the past year. The doctors said he may never run again but he’s not buying that at all. He’s since been visited by his children and French Montana sent him flowers. You’re in our prayers Diddy and we hope you get back too 100% as soon as possible! You’re a pilar in the culture!

Flowers from my brother @frenchmontana love you baby bro.

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God puts us all thru things for reason. It's up to us to learn through the things that he puts us through! Sometimes you have to go through the pain to get to the joy. This journey has brought me closer to God. Closer to my family. And most importantly closer to myself. As this has been God's will. Thank you to My staff for being patient and riding with me the last two years and holding me down. Tomorrow's a new day. Step-by-step! Thank you to all my fans and friends ! Thank you for your prayers and support! I'm doing great. And I appreciate your concern. And a special shout out to everybody who's laid up in a hospital right now my prayers are with you you're not alone god bless and keep fighting! SAVE ME A DANCE! All LOVE!!!! IM DOING GREAT BY THE WAY! Thank you

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