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This girl is too much lmao She went to LA and was bombarded with nothing but flashing lights and cameras and threatened the paps when she couldn’t take it anymore. She was obviously joking (or was she?) but still hilarious.

Frankie Zing

14 year old internet meme, Danielle Bregoli, returned to LA with her mom who seems to be enjoying the spotlight, despite her daughter, and the two were trying to get into their car when paps arrived and Danielle said: “Y’all gotta stop blinding me. I’m gonna punch one of y’all in y’all sh*t.”

She than teased about going back on the Dr. Phil show from how she got famous for threatening to fight the whole studio and calling the audience members a bunch of ho’s lol. But than her mom kinda ruined the surprise and said “we’ll actually be on this week”:

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