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Every week we are reminded that Inside The NBA is the best sports related show on television and it’s not even close. Last night was no different as the crew of Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley & Shaq touched on the Charles Oakley incident as well as Kevin Durant’s upcoming return this weekend to Oklahoma City. The best part of the night however came courtesy of Shaq when he was in the Area 21 studio with Kevin Garnett and Big Tigger.


The crew showed a tweet on air from a viewer who said Shaq should drop a freestyle. Never one to be shy, Shaq obliged and the outcome was hilarious.

?? #KevinGarnett, #Shaq, and #BigTigger ???

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From such fire bars as “King of the team, where’s Chuck at KG?, Somewhere eating krispy kreme,” to “Or soda Shaq, you get thirsty….I don’t know a rhyme that rhymes with thirsty.” Wooooooooo. What you know about those bars??

The ad-libs from KG & Tigger make it even better and once again the best sports show on TV delivers. They give viewers a reason to watch even when the games aren’t that good.