Meek Mill took to social media to say that he believes the Black Lives Matter movement should focus on the violence in Chicago. There was recently a shooting that took place where two children were recently shot.

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Meek took to Instagram to post the photo of the little girl killed and said,

“I think it’s about time for ‘black lives matter’ [to] focus on Chicago. It’s a lot of kids dying out there and we putting all our focus on cops! RIP BABY GIRL, ONE OF 3 little kids killed this week! CNN not covering this news,”

11-year-old Takuya Holmes died on Wednesday morning after four days since she suffered a gunshot to the head that left a bullet lodged in her brain stem. 30 minutes prior, 12-year-old Kanari Gentry-Bowers was shot in the head at a location which was not far from where Holmes was shot.

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