image via: youtube

Friday is media day for NBA All-Star weekend and as you might expect, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have been getting the most attention. For the first time since they lost to the Warriors in game seven of the Western Conference Finals last season, the two superstars will be teammates once again on Sunday night.

It’s only Friday and between Kd & Russ, they have already been asked about a each other a sickening amount of times. It was to be expected that all eyes would be on them but to constantly ask them “How it’s going to feel being teammates again?”, or “Will you guys talk at all?”, has to be very tiring for both.

It’s clear that neither of them are going to give any direct answers regarding their relationship or their feelings about the weekend so Westbrook decided to start having some fun with the media when they asked about Durant. Every question someone asked about himself & Durant, Russell flipped it into a conversation about fashion week.

You did see at one point he got a little flustered when telling Ramona Shelburne “What it look like?” in response to her asking had him and the Thunder moved on. “I don’t know what y’all need but I’m in a great place”, Westbrook said in response to not knowing what the media needs to move on from the topic but him not really caring about it.

You can’t blame him for not answering the same questions anymore. Reporters and journalist should be trying to get more creative with their questions so he can give them some answers.

At this point, both Russ & KD likely can’t wait for the weekend to be over so the spotlight can be somewhat off of them and their relationship. Sunday night’s All-Star game should be very interesting when they are on the court together.