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#HurtBae was alot for us to take in but now we have #StrandedBae! A Twitter user by the name of @_iamqueenk took to the site to speak on her man, a guy by the name of @KashMoneyKanee. She hesitated about sharing the story but then proceeded to tell us.

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Apparently Kane went all out for Valentines Day, flying Queen K out to Washington D.C., grabbing a shirt with her name on it and just all out wining and dining her. That turned into K being stuck at the airport and ditched by Kane for his friends, a night of partying, and another woman. Now Kane drops his side of the story saying that K found out she was getting evicted and wanted to live with him. He says she was trying to convince him to let her stay with him but he was not for it. Kane says K then showed up to his house to harass him on cab fare she didn’t even have. The story goes on and on with momma’s and sisters being called. CRAZY! These relationships are getting out of had!

Queen K’s Story: