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Karrueche’s best friend, Joseph Ryan La Cour says he is also a victim when it comes to Chris’s angry ways. Karruche recently filed a restraining order against Chris after she claims he threatened to kill her. Her bestfriens says he has also been threatened by Chris.

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Apparently Chris has said he will send his guys after La Cour. He says Chris only acts like this because he always defends her. In documents, he says Chris tells them no matter where they go “he will find us and shoot the place up.” He points to a specific incident at Diddy’s party where Chris told him,

“it’s 2017 … Ima f*** you up every time I see you so you better get the f*** out of here before I lay your ass out.”

While at the same party, La Cour says Chris threw a drink at him and said, “Move bitch, we aren’t friends.” This apparently was the same night Chris made the video saying if he couldn’t have a woman, no one could.

This is definitely looking bad for Chris.

Source: TMZ