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Surprise/no surprise but Drake’s More Life playlist is looking like it’s going to be an Apple Exclusive when it first comes out this Saturday March 18th.

After ‘More Life’ premieres on OVO Radio, HDD is reporting Apple Music may have it as an exclusive for it’s first TWO weeks of release. So if you don’t have Apple Music you won’t be hearing any of that 20 song ‘playlist’ Drake’s been working on, besides if you turn on the radio.

Apple believes this move will gain them around 1 million paid subscribers to add to their already 15 million they have, compared to their competitor Spotify’s 50 million. Granted Spotify was on to streaming way before Apple unveiled Apple Music.

Back in 2015, it was reported that Apple signed a deal with Drake for $19 million, although it was never confirmed.
Drizzy’s last album Views was only on Apple Music and iTunes for its first week without being available on any other streaming services until after its second week. The same move might happen.