image via: Instagram

Colin Kaepernick has reached the end zone plenty of times in his football career but this may be his biggest score ever. Kaepernick reached out to Turkish Airlines for help getting a plane so he could ship supplies to Somalia and they got back to him and let him know they are happy to donate the use of a 60-ton cargo plane!

Earlier this week, Kap reached out to the airlines, as well as folks in general on Instagram, where he asked for help to bring awareness to the famine going on in Somalia that the media has been ignoring.

On Friday he shared good news with his followers. Turkish Airlines agreed to help and now it’s time to fill the plane with good. In case anyone is wondering why Turkish Airlines was brought into all this, they are the only airline that flies to Somalia from the United States.

Once again, Kap is putting effort and money behind his words. Like he said in the clip, they have started a GoFundMe page called “Love Army For Somalia” for others to help as best as they can.

Written by @IamJoeSports