Surprise surprise, but he had to address it. Drake comes for Meek Mill on the opening track to his new project, or so it seems.

On the first song of the ‘playlist’ titled “Free Smoke”, Drake raps:

“How you let the kid fightin’ ghostwritin’ rumors turn you to a ghost? Oh, you niggas got jokes.”

..referring to the many accusations and proof that he uses ghostwriters to pen his verses, although Meek Mill was the first one to call him out on it.

Drake seems to diss Meek again on another song “Lose You”, as he raps:

“All you did was write the book on garbage ass Rollies,” on the song’s second verse. Meek is known for his love of having and rapping about Rolex watches. He continues, “Ego strokin’, picture postin’, claiming that you’d do it for motivational purposes only but you just had to show me.” Meek has “motivation” tatted on his forearm.

When Drake first embarked upon his European ‘Boy Meets World’ tour, he vowed to never perform his diss record against Meek, “Back To Back”, anymore. Looks like that may be because he has new songs to perform in Meek’s honor…