We recently learned that Rick Ross came for Birdman and showed his support for Lil Wayne in his new single “Idols Become Rivals.” Wayne showed his love back for Ross in a Twitter post. Ross has now spoken out on why he did what he did on the song.

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In the Billboard interview, Ross speaks on again why he went in on and Birdman and the theory that DJ Khaled’s “they” is actually targeted at a specific person. Thats quite interesting. Ross said,

“You know, I just think it’s so fucked up. Us seeing Lil Wayne’s [situation] and suffering from that, I think we kind of all got used to it. I think the culture has fucking accepted that Wayne would not put out another album. And that’s not the way the game [should be]. That’s not the way we designed this. That’s not the way this is supposed to be.”

Ross says that the situation keeps creatives from basically doing what they love to do.

“They supposed to be in the fucking [building], flipping over desks in those fucking offices, fighting to get money. Not fucking suing each other, fighting lawsuits and everybody starving. Not putting out music, not being creative. Us not doing what we came here for. There’s nothing more I hate than that—us not doing what we came here for.”

When he went on to speak on Khaled, Ross feels that Birdman left him in a huge financial hole.

“really left [him] in the hole” financially. I felt the pain, and it wasn’t my money, but just by me watching and what took place and me being supportive, me being there for [Khaled], me being there for anything he needed, I was there for him,

Source: Complex