Every year during SxSW, Nardwuar catches the best of the best interviews. This year he was able to grant us a hilarious interview with G.O.O.D. Music signee Desiigner. You can only imagine how this interview went.

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The interview started with Nardwuar speaking of Desiigner’s musically inclined family. He gave Desiigner a a vintage copy of Sidney “Guitar Crusher” Selby’s “Weak for Your Love” single. The rapper says, “You dig? Yeah, that’s my grandfather, man. You crazy, man. You crazy. Shout out my grandfather, Guitar Crusher. It’s an original, man.

Desiigner says Selby has been very influential in his own work. They then got into the struggle the rapper has encountered before becoming famous. From sleeping on the ground and crashing on couches, Desiigner says, “I think that being in the projects just drove me stronger,” he said. “It just put me in the high mind state, put me in that high power mind.”

We ever got a cameo shot from Desiigner’s now manager Zana Ray who use quit her job at Hot 97 to manage him full time.

Source: Complex