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The Los Angeles Lakers will officially unveil a statue of Shaq on Friday and on Thursday he went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about it. He doesn’t seem to be too sure about exactly how things will go on Friday but he doesn’t seem too concerned. He just hopes all of his former teammates are able to make it, with Kobe included.

Another view of #Shaq's statue going up at the Staples Center tomorrow ???

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Shaq plans on giving a speech but from the sounds of things he isn’t going to put much thought into it beforehand. At some point during his talk with Kimmel, the conversation shifted from statues to the fact Shaq carries no money on him. Despite never having money on him, Shaq claims to be a big tipper when he goes out to eat and he explained how it’s pretty easy to get alot of money from him as a waiter or waitress.

So basically all you have to do is make sure Shaq gets his food fast and don’t be shy when he asks you how much you think you deserve. I’m sure the guy who asked for $4,000 as his tip never thought in a million years that Shaq would really do it. Also, if people are getting paid $300 just to park his car, then it’s clear I made some bad career choices.

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