This was so needed in my opinion…. don’t get it twisted, we’ve had a whole lot of dope MC’s, couple not so much, mostly fire, BUT Meek’s #Freestyle017 is up to 6.2M views and I’ve been wanting another from him, and here it is!!!

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I always try and merge Hip Hop with Tech, Here’s me showing Meek Mill 360 ?

I said this on but it’s important to bring up again, he’s using beats from diff hip hop, Bed-Stuy Boom Bap, BK trap and Queens origins!! Meek came back up and spit fire, On his run for Wins&losses, it’s only right he came back up to kill it with us!! Now I will say for any artists looking to come up, you’re not Meek’s status(unless you are), don’t ask to change the beat, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!