Alright, before ya’ll start in on ‘you got Dre up there??’, there’s a couple few things to keep in mind, and 3 things to really think about like yes he’s moving up in the bad guy ranks and the dynamic is shifting, but alway keep in mind Angela is still the real ‘bad guy’, yeah she tanked the case but she’s still nervous out here, #2 the guy Tommy answers to is clearly going to be an issue for the team, #3 Dre’s going for a ‘power’ grab, I’m not sure if I’m mad at that, and most importantly, if you see I didn’t put #1, you may have assumed I meant Angela was the first thing to think about but it wasn’t, the #1 is Dre and Rotimi are not the same person, and Rotimi came to do his thing!!

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I’m not going to lie, when I found out Rotimi was coming, I was hype cause I’ve been a fan of his music since season 1 of Power, I saw him at the station, got a flick, which I rarely do, told him he felt like a new Maxwell to me, and I knew he was going to be a star, he was very humble, said thank you very much and how much he appreciated that… he’s the same guy, and he’s quickly becoming a Star!

Fellas don’t front on this.. Ladies we already know you’re locked in, but fellas, this was tough!!! I know Dre got the distribution killed, RIP Julio, But come on, ?!!