Hello Rapper World…. So you’re an talented independent artist that Freestyles and wants a shot at spitting next to Flex as well as one of the other opportunities like possible Stage performance, or getting studio time to meeting with label execs… and much more to come… No Worries, we have you covered below!

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If you see THIS IS A BUTTON BASED APP then you’ve tried to write in what you want and that’s NOT HOW THIS WORKS… If you use the choices in front of you this will be smooth, but if you move to your own rhythm then you won’t be dancing with the rest of us… which could affect your confirmation of submission or even delay your submission from being processed properly and getting stuck in limbo… SO PLEASE FOLLOW THE CHOICES!!!


For most of you the whole point we’re here right… ok it’s really not that difficult, as long as you can follow the button’s, cause like we said above ‘follow the choices’!

Ok first go in your messenger and find Funk Flex’s page… or just find the Funk Flex page on FB and hit ‘Send Message‘, then when in his messenger, go to the control panel just below the text box(in case it doesn’t just go, which it should) and hit ‘restart‘;

Then hit ‘Submit‘;

Once you hit Submit, the system will offer you 2 choices;

If you have a link to your content on youtube or soundcloud, Press on “Message the youtube or soundcloud link of your freestyle”, then go copy link, come back and paste it in the text field in messenger;

IF YOU DON’T HAVE a LINK… it’s time for our ‘Mobile Studio’, click the “Don’t Have a Link”

once it opens you can record a freestyle live to tape right from your camera, OR upload from your camera roll or some ‘pre-produced content'(I recommend you make sure your BARS are Right!!!)

Once you’ve either submitted the link/uploaded from camera with NO Link, you’ll finish the process… I’ll give you some advice as I’ve seen it go bad at this point, when asked who you sound like, IF you don’t see someone you sound like, go with ‘No One’.. because if you get the bright idea to write in your choice, you will disrupt the process and will NOT get your confirmation.

If at any time you have an issue, please email [email protected], put Messenger Problem, then in the body describe the issue you have, put your PayPal email and FB name (IF YOU THINK YOU CAN BYPASS THE SYSTEM AND TRY AND GIVE US YOUR MUSIC THIS WAY… JUST KNOW IT WON’T WORK AND YOU’RE PLAYING YOURSELF 🤷🏽‍♂️)

NON-ARTISTS Participation

I need you to keep in mind, everyone feels like they are talented or they wouldn’t pursue their dream, right? So how does one legit sift through all that talent?? With the help of the very people that follow Flex… Whom either have the same hip hop beliefs as Flex and team, OR believe they know better than anyone about real hip hop…

Ideally, Curators listen to the freestyles for the LOVE of the music, but we’ve added some incentives like becoming an official verified Influencer(Blue Check and all), that may not feel like a big deal right now but when this system becomes a way to truly find talent(and it will because we’re going to work until it is!), you’re going to wish you had that blue check. The way you get to verification and more is through the point system, but remember, there are levels to this!!

Some may listen to the entire track, or some may know what they’re hearing when they hear it, then rate it as they heard it with one of the choices:

As Curators, you rate Freestyles by evaluating with these ratings:

“Bomb💣” (the best level, and should only be reserved for the best talent)

“Needs Work🔨” (Mid level, sometimes tunes need a tweak or 2, average)

“Trash🗑” (Low Level, should only be reserved if it’s unbearable to listen to)

Ideally, Curators listen to the freestyles, some may listen to the entire track, or some may know what they’re hearing when they hear it, then rate it as they heard it with one of the choices

Once you’ve made one of those choices, there’s a little more ‘love’ you can give AND ‘Earn More points’ by giving some more valuable feedback to the artists(learning how to become an A&R), let them know what to improve on by suggesting;

and if nothing then ‘Skip’

Keep going until you level up, at some point you won’t just get your blue check, you’ll get an opportunity to Come and Rate with Flex Live;

This is your opportunity to make sure the right music is getting through, and to keep it on the up and up, there’s no ‘this fan base’ or ‘that fan base’, everyone has to rate everyone, so if you ‘support’ a particular artist that specifically sent you into the messenger to find them, be aware that you are finding everyone and please don’t be that person that try to just put trash… you’re not doing anyone any favors… we have safe guards that will stop counting your vote if you try! And if we connect multiple ‘trash ratings’ to an account that gives 1 ‘bomb rating’, you could get your artist voted down, so it could actually hurt your peoples chances so if you can, just rate it how you hear it.

If it’s Bomb, say it’s Bomb, if it needs Work say that BUT IF it’s TRASH then Say it;

Submit or Curate!! Hit the link in the bio or go to M.me/FunkFlex

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Once you get an artist is in the top 10, Flex and Team will judge whom they think deserves the opportunity to either Spit next to Flex and/or another prize like opening for known rappers, or getting studio time and meeting with record execs… and lots more to come!!!

If you have a better way to comb through mounds of Lyrics, and have a better way to spotlight that then you the public having access to judge BARS directly, we’re all ears!!