(Photos) Grown A** 31 Year Old Man Claiming To Be Love Child Of Which Iconic Pop Legend??

Umm so in just plain strange news, 31 year old unknown man, Brandon Howard comes forward randomly claiming to be the son of deceased Pop icon, Michael Jackson…and allegedly has the “receipts” to prove it. According to Splash news, Howard is set to go forward today to reveal DNA results to the public. Hmmm… before we write this guy off as being bat sh*t crazy, let’s examine the facts….

Biopics Race To The Box Office: N.W.A. VS Tupac

For years there have been many rumors as well as many attempts by television networks to depict the biopic story of West Coast rapper and legend, the late Tupac Shakur. Back in February film director John Singleton inked a deal with Morgan Creek Productions that would make him the visionary in charge of bringing Tupac’s life and works to the big screen. Production is slated to begin in June or July of this year. Sounds great huh? Well..

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