Bell Biv Devoe #WeGotaStoryToTell003 w/ Funk Flex

Bell Biv Devoe came through for #WeGotaStoryToTell003 to talk about new music and new BET biopic “New Edition Story”. Flex got them talking a lot about the younger days of New Edition and what it was like growing up together. They also spoke about Prince passing away and the pitfalls that can come with being a super star.

Young M.A #WeGotaStoryToTell002 w/ Funk Flex

Young M.A. stopped by the studio for #WeGotaStoryToTell002 to speak about her rise to fame with Funk Flex. She also addressed the custom, fan-made “Headphanie” Hennessy bottles which she says were made without the permission of Hennessy and the Young M.A team and had to be shut down. The bottle references the famous line from her hit single “ooouuu”. She also said that they probably made a lot of money those first few days though and that she appreciated the love. That tour schedule looking busy, given all of her recent success and Young M.A. said shes been feeling blessed and grateful.

Gucci Mane | Funk Flex | #WeGotaStoryToTell001

Gucci Mane talks life after jail, new album, and collabs w/ Funk Flex #WeGotaStoryToTell001. Gucci sat down with Flex for the first time since he was released from prison. He spoke about his weight loss and diet, running stairs and “eatin’ like the mafia” while he was still locked up. Gucci also said he learned a lesson about the mistakes hes made and became more aware about his vices with drugs.

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