Auto:(Photos) Damn..His Car Game Is A Crazy Situation

You know something is wrong with this country when people who have no talent get famous for doing things that had nothing to do with working hard or making an effort in life. That seems to be the basis of damn near every so-called “reality” show anyway. But you can’t hate on the people who are reeping the rewards of these type of things if the public is the one that allows it to happen. Take Mike “The Situation” from Jersey Shore for example. It is not his fault himself and half the cast became actual stars for being trashy drunks who partied for a living. Do you think he cares when he goes to the bank? Or when he looks in his garage? He really does have a situation going on in his garage and the situation is his car game will put most of you to shame. He already has a Bentley, Porsche Turbo, Lamborghini, Ferrari, a Jeep Wrangler and now he just added the brand new BMW M5 in that Pepsi blue color to the collection. Check out the pics in the gallery after the jump and think about this. While you were working hard trying to get ahead in life, you should of just tried to get on a reality show lol.

Auto:(Photos) The Game’s Completed Camaro..Crazy!!

About a month ago, I did a story about the Game wanting his fans help with choosing the new color for his new Chevy Camaro. He wanted his fans to hit him on Instagram with color & paint job ideas, which you can read about HERE. Well the Car is now finished and it is seriously one of the dopest Camaro’s I have ever seen. It is 2-tone, with silver & black and a little bit of red outline all the way around. You know Game would have red in there somewhere. I wonder if any of his fans gave him that idea? Check out the ride in the pics after the jump.

Auto:(Photo) Soulja Boy Wants To Be Like Ace Hood, Future & Rick Ross

Soulja Boy may not literally want to be like those other guys, but Bugatti fever seems to have bounced from Future to Soulja Boy. Now I don’t think future even owns a Bugatti, but he damn sure got everybody talking about they woke up in a new Bugatti. So Soulja Boy is actually ahead of the game, because landing a Bugatti is not easy. He posted the pic on his Instagram account with the caption “finally got it. I deserve this. Worked hard 5 years str8!” So I guess it took getting this ride to make him feel like he finally made it. Congrats Soulja, even though I don’t like the color scheme, we are still talking about a car that costs more than $1 million. Check out the pic in the gallery after the jump.

Auto:(Photos) The Next BMW Concept Car Will Blow Your Mind

This BMW looks like by the time it ever gets released ( if it even does ), it will fly you to space. There are no details on this car as of yet. It is literally just a concept for now. No visions of being a production car anytime soon or the public ever being able to get their hands on it. But if that time ever comes I would expect this car to be priced more like a Ferrari instead of a Beamer. The lines on the car and the shape of the body are mean. Looks european, but mixed with muscle! Check out the gallery after the jump.

Auto:(Photo) Looks Like Tyga Is Spending That “Young Money”

Young money, old money, new money. Doesn’t matter what type of money you got when you are always making trips to the dealership. They gonna take any kind of money you got. Tyga looks like is he living good off his work if you go by his Instagram pictures. He posted this pic recently showing his driveway full of luxury whips. His mini-fleet consists of a Mercedes SLS AMG, Merdeces G-wagon, Rolls Royce Ghost, and the same Lamborghini Aventador that he crashed a few months back looks good as new. Does he own all these cars? Not necessarily, they could be leased, they could even belong to a friend. But in an industry where perception is sometimes reality, if it looks like your doing big things, chances are people will believe in it. Check out the pic after the jump.

Auto:(Photos) The Game Is Not A Game When It Comes To Cars

Feels like everytime I turn around lately, I am doing a story on the rapper Game, and his cars. If he isn’t buying a new one, he is usually reaching out to fans to ask for help with a new paint color or some other type of customization. What we usually do not see is Game actually driving his cars. He was caught yesterday in his gorgeous cranberry red Porsche Panamera in Los Angeles. The pic is kind of small, so I included another pic of the car itself from his driveway. The Game loves instagram, so if your a car lover, he is definitely someone you should follow @TheGame. Check out the gallery after the jump.

Auto:(Photos) What Did Rapper The Game Do Now?

Yesterday I did a story about the rapper Game wanting you guys to help him pick the color of his new Fisker Karma that he was trying to pick up, which you can read about by clicking HERE. Well seems the people have spoken and the man that loves red just added a little more red to his life. He decided on the cranberry color Karma. In the pic it looks more like a fire red but that is only because the pic game posted was from Instagram. The ride definitely looks dope, and it looks like he couldn’t handle it. He posted a pic of him laying in the street in front of the car looking like he was ran over. But according to his post in Instagram it was just happiness that made him faint in front of the car. The Game has cars that are better than this one, so I don’t think the love affair will last too long. But in the mean time, check out the gallery after the jump and let us know whart you think. How many of you hit him up in Instagram and told him go red? P.S., Did I mention he bought 3 more Karma’s for his friends? Nice Guy

Auto:(Photos) Check Out What David Beckham Is Pushing These Days

Soccer in Europe is just like the NFL here in America, it’s BIG! The main sport across the Atlantic ocean pays top dollar to the world’s best soccer players. At one time, David Beckham was one of those top players, and because of that he has enough money to last 5 lifetimes. I mean he had one contract with a team here in the U.S. that was 5 years/$250 million!! That is $50 million a year and he was already past his prime. Why do I mention any of this? Well he likes to spend alot of that money on cars, and very nice ones at that. Beckham already has an elite fleet of rides, but the other day he decided to add a new Audi S8 to the collection. I am a big fan of Audi’s, so you will never hear me talk ill of them. At the moment his ride is pretty stock, but give it a little time and I know this whip will be looking different. Check out the images in the gallery after the jump.

(Video) Bobby Brown & This Real Housewife Are Looking Pretty Chummy

Bobby soon will have to turn himself in, for racking up on his THIRD DUI, and it seems as if he’s celebrating in any way he can before the 55 day stint behind bars. It’s WHO he’s celebrating with that has jaws dropping. Let’s just say he’s about ready to adopt-a-pooch. Drop down bottom and check out this, “Real Housewives” star.

Auto:(Photos)Hate It Or Love It: Check Out What Chad Johnson Did To His New Range

Chad Johnson loves the Matte look on his rides. He already did it with his smart car and his Rolls Royce. Now he is back at it again with his brand new Range Rover. Chad definitely was one of the lucky people to put a deposit down on the new Range because he got his already and there is a 6 month to a year waiting list in the U.S. for the new Range. Me personally I love the Matte look on this Range. Some rides it doesn’t go well but this looks like a perfect match. He posted the pics of the ride on his Instagram with the captions “”I hate cheating on my Smart Car but the ass on “Lady Bug Jones” forced me to purchase.” He also added “@theautofirm #alexvega Tint my windows I’d like to drive this weekend.” The second comment was directed at auto firm which is the company finishing off the look. You already know what I think, so let us know who you feel. Check out the images in the gallery and then take the poll after the jump. Hate it or Love it!

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