(Video) Deputy and Civilians Rescue Man From Burning Car

Police bodycam footage catches the deputy and civilians coming together to rescue a man entrapped inside a burning car.

(Video) DJ Shot Dead On Facebook Live

Facebook Live keeps capturing murders…

(Video) Miami Police Handcuff Amputee Woman And Drop Her To The Ground

Smh…regardless of what this woman did she should have been handled better, not left on the ground and the law staring at you.

(Graphic Video) Baltimore Police Officer Shoots Unarmed Teenager

This video contains a graphic scenario. It’s truly hard to watch.

(Video) Dude Shoots Man At Point-Blank Range To Rob Him Of His Jordans!

It’s just a pair of sneakers!!! I don’t get it, you wanna kill someone over that?

(Video) Footage Captures E-Cigarette Exploding On Nightclub Owner In France

Dammm…I’m telling you these things are crazy! This French nightclub owner was outside when his e-cigarette suddenly exploded and shortly set him ablaze!

(Video) Judge Takes Off His Robe To Help Bailiff Hold Down & Arrest Defendant!

Haha gettin his hands dirty I like it…this judge plays no games, especially with this defendant acting all rowdy and all.

(Video) Footage Of Game Concert Shooting/People Fleeing Leaks

The first video of what could possibly be many today, has leaked of Game’s shooting last night at his concert.

(Video + Photo) Damn: Larry The Cable Guy Snaps Army Vet’s Arm In Arm Wrestling Match

Yeah, he definitely needs some milk. This video is pretty gruesome and sudden after this Army Veteran challenged the comedian to an arm wrestling showdown.

(Video) Damn: Woman Gets Beat With Bat & Attacked By Dog After Fighting Homeowner!

This woman really went to someone’s house dolo and took a beating by another girl, a bat, and than to add insult to injury – the house dog.

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