(Video) 2 Guys Front-Flip Over 3 Cars!

I’m having a real hard time determining if this is real or fake. Ima let ya’ll be the judge…

(Video) Vic Mensa Detained By Police For Stealing… Aka Spending $4,000 At Barneys

Vic Mensa talks about the current police issues in his recent “There’s Alot Going On” tape. It just so happened recently, that police came his way accusing him of “stealing” from Barney’s.

(Video) What! Man Pulls Over State Trooper For Speeding & The Officer Apologizes

A reversal of fortune. This dude was prepared for a Texas state trooper to fly by him..he had a dash cam and regular camera ready and decided to make a citizen’s arrest of the officer on the highway.

(Video) Cops Abuse 18 Year-Old After He Argues With His Girlfriend, They Place a Mask Over His Head

This isn’t just a problem in America folks. Take a look at cops (I believe in the UK) clearly abusing this young black teen in open site, while his girlfriend screams for his safety.

(Video) Man Spazzes When He Thinks He Sees UFOs

After seeing that the “UFOs” could’ve possibly been elongated fireworks or drones in the sky, I only have one crucial question to ask…. Who’s mans is this? My son really thought the aliens were about to pop off lol Take a look after the jump.

(Video) LMAO: Man Caught Humping The Exhaust Pipe Of a Car

Got eem! Dude was really out in the open street, humping his life away. When he gets caught though, his reaction is priceless.

(Video) Hero Police Officer Saves Family After Father Opens Fire On Them!

Seriously what is going on in the world…Deputy Justin Ferrari of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office was one of the cops who responded to a call placed by Victoria Rosado, 26, on Sunday after her estranged husband (Emmanuel) shot her in the leg in her home. The police officer then got the injured mother of 3 and her children to safety before arresting the husband who later broke down in court on Monday. Smh…the dramatic video is below.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Chicago Train Derails From It’s Tracks As Storm Rips Through City

This woman stuck in traffic due to the severe storms The Windy City was facing yesterday, caught a train derail on camera as it goes off the tracks and causes several explosions!

(Video) Rapper King Myers Spits a Freestyle When Pulled Over By a Cop

No this is how you handle getting pulled over, haha. Props to the cop for actually listening… until it started getting real lol Check out the dope freestyle.

(Video) Man Robs Woman At Gunpoint In North Lauderdale!

Thank God for smartphones. Luckily, for this woman, somebody caught this on camera. Check out the wild video after the jump.

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