(Video) Nasty: Woman’s Chicken Wings Still Had Feathers On Them

Seriously what is going on in the world lol. Imagine biting into your delicious chicken wings before getting the feeling that what you’re eating kind of feels alive.

Kanye West’s Recovery Progresses As He’s Creating New Music

Music is such a form of therapy, listening to it or creating it, and Ye is back on that medication.

Kanye West Suspends All Of His Upcoming Concerts

Ye just checked out of the hospital and went home under the care of his wife and personal doctor. In the meantime, it was rumored that he might hit the stage sometime soon, but that’s definitely a no go as far as we’re concerned.

Kanye West’s “Nervous Breakdown” Was Reportedly Triggered By Anniversary Of His Mom’s Death

A new report comes in stating that to top off the rollercoaster ride Kanye and his family have had, the anniversary of his mother’s death was the final straw of stress to break Kanye down.

(Video) DMX Tells Kanye “Stay Strong” In Heartfelt Video

Kanye’s mental state has not only his family shook, but hip-hop and the music industry alike. DMX makes his first Instagram/Snapchat video especially for Kanye with a special message.

Kanye West’s Health Problems Are Much More Than Sleep Deprivation & Dehydration

Kanye’s bad mental state isn’t just about being over-exhausted, dehydrated, and sleep deprived from tour. It looks like his hospital stay is going to be a little longer than expected.

Kanye West’s Psychosis Diagnosis Could Make Him Millions Of Dollars

Kanye may be crazy, but he’s smart. Before pulling out of his Saint Pablo tour where he was said to have lost out on all the millions of dollars he’d make, he bought an insurance policy that would cover everything.

(Audio) Kanye West 9-1-1 Call For ‘Psychiatric Emergency’ Released

The emergency call concerning Ye’s psychiatric evaluation has been released.

(Video) Drake Works Out To Taylor Swift In New Apple Commercial

Drake appears in the latest Apple commercial, first pumping iron to one of his own songs, than quickly switching the tune to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”. I’m sure that collab is coming very soon.

(Video) Conan O’Brien & Kevin Hart Have A Hilarious Workout Session

This was great…Conan shows Kevin Hart how you get buff in the gym with his Karate kicks, while Kevin is counting how many people he just performed for.

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