An Interview With OVO Sound’s Mike Zombie!

As of now, many either do or don’t know just who Mike Zombie is. If you’re familiar with Drake’s lead single off of 2013’s Nothing Was The Same, then you should recognize the infamous insignia, “Zombie on the Track.” As for his latest venture, producer Mike Zombie brings listeners honesty by way of a very unique sound that –if done any other way– would otherwise sound too harsh. It’s titled, “The End Of The Beginning” and it reflects on the times when all that has come to fruition seemed like a longshot. Check out “The Beginning” after the jump.

(Audio) Tech Talk Gaming: Get A FREE Copy Of Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition!!!!

Yes Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition is coming Soon(Tomorrow), And I am, a Gaming Freak, But yet I don’t have All the time in the world I need in order to keep up with All of these great games, AND Tech, And This Blog, So I took time out to talk to a couple of friends of mine, So IFWT has a Review of the Gaming scene in 2011, So Hit the Jump How to get a FREE Copy of HALO Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition!!! +TatWZA

Tech Talk ALERT: Blackberry, iPhone, & Android User’s Attention, #IFWT Is Now Mobile!!!!!

Don’t Worry, Go on Lunch, Go Out Tonight, Go On Vacation, Just Take your Phone With You(just Not actually In the pool) and You Will Be Able To See #IFWT aka Right on your Blackberry, Android, And King iPhone of course!!! Hit the Jump to find out more! Tat WZA @FunkFlex #IFWT

Tech Talk Q & A: Joe Budden Likes To Be Phoney!!!!

IFWT reaches out from time to time for those important questions…and what’s more important than the technology your favorite artists use?? Joe Budden took time out from being in the Blog Headlines in order to tell us what phone he uses and what he uses it for!!! Hit the jump! @TatWZA

(Fellas Check the Pics!!) Terrence J Makes an #IFWT Pic Request!! (bet you can’t guess who!!)

Hit the jump to see who Terrence J thinks is fly!! Definitely not the typical pick!! And the shirts are see-thru FYI, so they’re semi NSFW. @DJTech4

#IFWT Q&A: Terrence J Reveals to IFWT the Group He Listens To That You Wouldn’t Expect Him to Like!!

Terrence hosts one of the most popular hip-hop shows on TV so his knowledge of rap and r&b is extensive….but you’d be surprised to hear who one of his favorite groups are! @MarisaMendez

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